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The Nest in the Evergreen Tree

Many children must face the death of a loved one. Even children who aren't dealing with loss often still have questions about the concepts. Also, kids grieve differently, a child can go from crying one minute to playing the next. This story helps lift the child's spirit and take them to a beautiful place where magical moments appear hoping it will be a blessing to hearts both big and small.

Proceed of the book is being donated to support nature-based programs for elementary students giving them the opportunity to explore and learn nature, meadows, and wetlands. 

Cheers to our Volunteer

In many classrooms and programs we have volunteers that come in to work with children, connect, and help out. good volunteers are GOLD and they play an important role in a child's life at school.

Here is the absolute best rhyming book for young children about having a volunteer in their classroom or program. Rhyming books for children are so important for the development of early literacy skills and should be in the bookshelves in all classrooms, homes, and libraries.

Proceed of the book is being donated to support volunteerism in Canada making our country more vibrant

Becoming an ECE. 101 reasons why I love my job

This book is about why it was vital for me to work in an industry that acknowledges the importance of the formative years of children. My book attempts to inspire further generations of Early Childhood Educators and express my gratitude to those already working effortlessly in this profession-a profession that can easily be misunderstood or even overlooked. 

An ECE is more than just a child care provider. We take care of a child's academic and developmental progress. We wish nothing more than to see a child succeed and lay the foundation for successful adulthood. My wish is to inspire those who are still thinking about becoming an ECE and encourage those who might have temporarily lost sight of why we do what we do. By teaching young children, we become ambassadors for those who have no voice yet. We make sure that children are heard and receive the training they need.

As an ECE, you do not just change a child's life with your tireless work, but you change a whole generation.

This book is full of photographs, stunning illustrations, and notes about my journey as an ECE. With my personal experience written in beautiful lines, this book was made to make its readers smile & discover their love and joy for the field too!

Proceed of the book is being donated to support children, families, and professionals working in the early learning, childcare, and special needs hoping to make impact on the lives of children and families in our community. 

Sing me a story episode by Tiny Tinkles music studio 

Copyright Debra Krol

"I remember" A song specially written for "The Nest in the Evergreen Tree" by the wonderful Debra Krol.
copyright 2021 Debra Krol 

Sing me a Story Episode by Tiny Tinkles Music Studio 

Copyright 2021 Debra Krol 

"Three Cheers to our Volunteers" a song specially written by Debra Krol  for my book "Cheers to our Volunteer" 

Copyright 2021 Debra Krol 

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