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About the author

JiJi Talmas  "Ms. JiJi"  was born in a small town near the sea until she moved far away to a land of snow and the Rocky Mountains. Before she started writing books, JiJi got a graduate degree in Early Childhood Education. After that, just to shake things up, she achieved the Award of Excellence for her contribution to public education and later on, received the Kathleen Stroud Award for demonstrating exceptional leadership in supporting families and children’s education. She loves to write books and short stories to educate and connect with children using beautiful illustration and heartfelt characters that inspire.

When she is not writing, JiJi spends most of her time reading, connecting with nature, hiking, and practice mindfulness.

What people are saying about my books

Real reviews from real people, who've read my book. Not just critics

Aaron Smith

"Cheers To Our Volunteers is a great book. I enjoy how it highlights volunteers who help educate and assist students in schools. I’m glad there is a book that highlights this. It’s very important! Volunteers bring great energy to the classroom. Not only do I enjoy the illustrations but I enjoy the diversity within the book."

Julie Valdez

"The way The Nest in the Evergreen Tree was written took a very difficult concept for children to understand and provided hope, love, and connection for those feeling a loss of a loved one. Well done"

Julie Cooper

"Volunteers bring passion and love with them! Cheers to our Volunteer shows how impactful a volunteer can be in a classroom, while highlighting the fun by both students and volunteers. Volunteers hold a special place in the hearts of children and teachers! This book is a tribute to every volunteer that gives their time and love to children.!"

 Mike Thompson

"I highly appreciate The Nest in the Evergreen Tree. It helps children and adults' wellbeing while going through grief. The author demonstrates a smooth writing style that comforts the readers and helps them through imagination. I really like the illustration of the book; it is colourful, attractive and appealing. It certainly an eye-opener to look at the concept of loss from a different perspective."

"Children want to be where they are cared for, respected, and understood."

- Sylvia Leal

"I always enjoy working on your projects, they are original, well written, and with a lot of soul and passion. I am sure all your students love you. It shows that you are very dedicated very personable kind of individual. Thanks for all you do for those young little people."   - Illustrator; Jose Gascon